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Assisting investors in start-ups and project management, conducting diagnostic studies, applying scenario based planning, facilitating board retreats and business policy alignment, driving performance improvement initiatives, supervising business turnarounds, and sustaining total quality management, all form the range of services offered by our Business Advisory Services Division. Our work is practical, with a strong emphasis on implementation; and this frequently links the work of this division with the other services provided by Phillips Consulting. Because of the emphasis we place on delivering results, most of our professionals, including accountants and economists, are also certified project managers.The division's engagements have been for many major public and private organizations across a wide spectrum of sectors all over the country.

Our Services

We understand that the best way to prepare leaders for the future is by giving them the opportunity to experience it. The Business Simulation programme is an advanced, general business skills learning intervention that creates realistic shared experiences that gives business leaders the opportunity to practice what needs to be done in order to win in the marketplace.
Our business process review focuses on determining the efficiency level of client’s business processes (core and support processes). The evaluation frameworks are based on criteria such as customer (internal/external) satisfaction or expectations, statutory and other regulatory requirements and the business internal control systems.
Corporate Performance Management is the totality of the processes and systems that are required to measure and manage the performance of an organization. Here our focus is to ensure all the components of the organization are working together optimally in order to consistently achieve the goals of the organization. A well designed and implemented performance management system will shift attention away from behaviour and activities towards results.
Any change to an organization, whether minor or significant will undeniably have an effect on the people within the organization and this must be managed well. Change of jobs, ownership and management can affect the speed at which organizations grow and develop. Our skills in handling such situations are significant and we take pride in our ability to pass on knowledge of the management of change to our clients, in order for them to continuously adapt to any challenges they may face.
Our strategic management retreat is designed to provide opportunities for management to review performance and trends as well as discuss and agree action plans to improve business performance. The focus of the retreat varies from vision/mission development to strategic goal setting, and team building, depending on the issue most critical to the client.
Market research is an efficient way of finding out what customers believe, think, want or need about your product. It is information that cannot usually be obtained from any other source. Organizations in both public and private sectors use research to help them determine what goods and services to produce. The process involves a detailed collection of market data, analysis and interpretation of the results.
Business success in the long term depends foremost on the ability to prosper in divergent circumstances, surviving adverse circumstances while taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. Scenario planning is not about predicting the future but attempting to conceptualize what is possible. The result of scenario planning is a set of distinguishable plausible futures.
We support organizations striving to put their direction into an executable master plan by achieving the following:

• Agreement/communication of a vision/mission which provides overall direction for the business i.e. corporate goals/objectives

• Agreement on key focus areas, and the course of actions to achieve them

• Prioritization of Resource allocation


•Fairsights (Netherlands)

•Market Leadership Systems International (South Africa)


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