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Our Human Capital Management (HCM) Division is Nigeria's leading provider of advice on human capital management issues. Principal advisory services provided by this division relate to: change management, competency assessments, manpower planning, organization studies, performance management, personnel policies and procedures, remuneration, succession planning, talent management, team building, and training needs analysis. In the course of our work, we employ a wide range of internationally developed and tested tools and methodologies. Many of our professional staff in the division have gained experience not only in Nigeria but across Europe, the USA, and elsewhere in Africa.

Our Services


We conduct health check and maturity assessment of your current HR practices and initiatives vis-à-vis your corporate growth stage to establish current and potential business realities and gaps. Our tested and proven approach can be customized and scaled to analyze dimensions that are critical to your business and HR function. This creates a solid base for future HR developments and practice.
Design a road map for the planning and execution of major organizational initiatives involving people management and support the achievement of organizational goals. Our promise is to customize and deliver a clear and coherent HR strategy, model and operational structure that are linked to and drive the delivery of your corporate strategy.
Hire the right candidate into the job, understand specific job expectation and the competencies required optimal performance on the job – these are some benefits of a well developed Job Description. Our Job Description development and review service focuses on delivering effective Job Descriptions.
How much is a job really worth? How do I determine the worth of a job? These are questions HR Managers or job owner will like answered. Let PCL answer these questions and more when we adopt a pragmatic and verifiable Job Evaluation tool and process using globally accepted tools and standards. We will help you determine the overall contribution of jobs to the achievement of the organization’s corporate goals and objectives and promote pay equity for jobs within your organization.
The development and audit of HR policies in any organization is an iterative process that requires the understanding and collaborative attention of parties involved to follow a uniform approach in the writing, reviewing, improving and implementing the policies. Our Human Resources (HR) policy auditing approach focuses on adding value to the structure, contents and implementation of the human resources policies of an organization.
HR Audit is the evaluation of an organization’s Human Resource value chain. Our HR Audit approach is driven by our “3X3” diagnostic model, the model focuses on the alignment of HR goals, processes and people to the corporate strategy of the organization. We will answer the question: “how well structured and equipped is your HR department to serve the people management needs of your organization?”
Let’s help you carry out a Pay Survey to determine how well positioned you are in your industry and labor market to attract and retain the best of talents. With our network of contacts (labor force and corporate clients), we will source the required information to help you determine your talent competitiveness and advise you on the best reward strategy to make your organization attractive to talents.
Are you under the perception that HR is not a strategic function and the department is a cost centre? Think again! Remember the delay in finding a capable replacement for key roles and the decline in your output on Friday. A lot of organizations are unable to measure the financial implications of wrong recruitment, learning curve, exit and absenteeism.
HR Metrics is the measurement aspect of the HR that puts financial value to key HR activities to enable organizations better manage their expectations of HR and its performance. We support organizations in developing HR measurement that are easy to capture and interpret. This measurements form a factual basis for making HR service delivery improvement decision
Retaining the right talents while targeting for new talents is pertinent to an organization's growth, measuring employees attitude depicts an indication of how successful the organization is in fostering a conducive environment which nurtures great attitude among employee’s towards their Job and the organization. We offer a comprehensive employee attitude survey services, our approach puts into consideration organization peculiarities and the use of creative and interesting methods to uncover key employee related problems, issues, concerns. Let’s help you check the ‘pulse’ of our organization.
Are you managing staff performance or simply ‘appraising’ it? Performance Management Systems can serve as the critical link between your corporate strategy and the execution ability of your workforce in that it defines and clarifies the knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to sustainable success. We help organizations in developing and reviewing their Performance Management Systems. Our approach focuses on the identification of a suitable performance management model and developing key related processes and tools to effectively support its implementation.
Have you ever heard the phrase “20 percent of your workforce produces 80 percent of your output”? It’s based on the 20/80 Pareto Principle. Who are critical or high potential talents? Let’s help you identify them and determine how best to attract, develop engage and retain these high flyers. We will work with you to develop talent management initiatives to meet critical Talent Management challenges.
Corporate leaders are now looking to the HR function to answer a lot of people management questions. The HR function needs to be structured in a manner that allows it serve more strategic purposes than transactional. One way to do this is to integrate your HR functions using Competency. Identify capabilities required to succeed as an organization and for various jobs, build your competency dictionary and let these competencies drive selection, performance management, training and development, succession planning amongst other HR functions in your organization.

Other services include:
• Staff plan development
• Succession and career plan development
• Change management
• Culture change development and management
• Behavioural profiling (Job, Individual and Team)


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