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Leadership and Management

Developing Leadership Competences

Developing Leadership Competencies

The Developing Leadership Competencies training programme is a four day programme designed to equip middle managers with the basic leadership competencies required to achieve business results through people. The programme aims to create an interactive platform where participants can connect with one another and share experiences and learning for collective and personal growth and development.  more button


Developing Leadership Competences

Building and Developing Productive People

This programme is designed to equip existing and upcoming managers with the competencies to get desired results from subordinates, to manage performance by creating a motivating work environment as well as employ a systematic process for developing employees.  more button



Developing Leadership Competences

Managing the Learning and Development Function

This course is designed to help delegates in charge of the learning and development function capture the link between the L & D function and corporate business performance, as well as manage a wide range of learning solutions, understand trainers’ competencies, embrace best practices emerging across the industry and become open to multiple learning channels.

Master the challenges of the L & D function and be equipped to do well on the job.  more button


Developing Leadership Competences

Essential Management Skills

The Essential Management Skills programme is designed to give supervisors and managers, key learning and new skills to enable them to improve their effectiveness as well as drive performance through people by engaging better with their teams and colleagues.  more button


Developing Leadership Competences

Critical Thinking Skills: Tools for Problem Solving and Decision Making

This course is designed to provide delegates with the principles and tools for becoming creative and logical decision makers. A structured approach to analyse and break down complex problems will be shown, as well as how to clarify problems for uncovering best solutions among alternatives. The course will also show scientific methods and structured reasoning for decision making.  more button


Developing Leadership Competences

Taking on Greater Responsibilities: Becoming a more Effective Supervisor

This program is designed to enhance the capacity of professionals to lead, influence teams for success and take on new challenges alongside present work roles. Transit from a supervisory role to management, as you demonstrate that winning attitude and prepare yourself for more!  more button


Developing Leadership Competences

Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Team Leads

This programme is designed to help managers and team leaders master emotional intelligence as a both a personal mastery tool and a team skill. It would empower delegates to improve their leadership effectiveness by leveraging on Emotional Intelligence, as well as improve team performance by better understanding the emotional profile of subordinates, and colleagues. more button


Global Leadership: Transforming Proven Leaders to Global Executives

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal



Oluwatosin Abbe, Effective Presentation Skills


“My Skills have been enhanced if not perfected to enable me have fantastic presentations in the future”

Aishatu Hassan , Essentials of Budgeting


“The contents of the manual is rich and the facilitators have excellent presentation skills”

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The True Value of Compliance

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These 7 Factors Drive Employee Engagement

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Organisational Transformatio...

Organisational Transformation

Unnecessary processes will naturally reduce the effective and efficient use of resources to attain set goals...

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Oil and Gas Sector Highlights

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IT Sector Highlights

IT Sector Highlights

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Power Sector Highlights

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Retail Sector Highlights

Retail Sector Highlights

RETAIL, monthly reviews of the different sectors of the nation’s economy as published by select local newspa...


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